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Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

The Cancer-Virgo duo has Cancer as a Water Sign and Virgo is an Earth sign. They are two zodiacs apart. There is a lot of karmic influence between the two signs.

The water sign is the nurturer of the Earth sign when the Cancer and Virgo compatibility is to be considered. They both do well with each other. This Cancer-Virgo match is, of course, a good match.

Cancer is a Cardinal sign and Virgo is the mutable sign in this Cancer-Virgo duo. A mutable sign is a special species, they often mutate far and wide from the fixed and cardinal signs.

During their mutation the Cancer and Virgo Compatibility can undergo changes but once the mutation is complete, the Cancer and Virgo compatibility would take a new turn.

The Virgo in the Cancer-Virgo duo might take a new turn- it may either behave like a Cardinal sign or a Fixed sign.

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility Traits

Cancer in the Cancer-Virgo is mostly worried about money and security. A Virgo is mostly about having a stout presence in the society.

A Cancer and Virgo compatibility rises from the fact that the Cancer is assured of the hard work, a Virgo puts in a relationship. Virgo, on the other hand, is a practical soul and does not believe in nagging.

Let’s see what is common between the two of you,

Traits Virgo Cancer
Moody ✔️
Clever ✔️
Shrewd ✔️
Calculative ✔️
Observant ✔️
Practical ✔️ ✔️
Emotional ✔️
Hard working ✔️ ✔️

Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

Virgo and Cancer Love Life

Cancer and Virgo compatibility develops from their inscrutability for each and both are good at something when together. Cancer is good for money and family life. A Virgo is good at practicalities of life and living.

Cancer can build a home even on sand but a Virgo persists on being on solid grounds. This nature of a Virgo brings them close to fame and success. A Virgo is not emotional but believes in providing Cancer a shoulder in times of need. Cancer needs luxuries- small or big to survive. A Virgo needs the basic comforts to survive.

The love life of a Cancer is emerging mostly from their emotions and the love for a Virgo is nothing but basic practically comfortable living. Cancer and Virgo compatibility arise from the fact that they can be together since for a Virgo nothing is abnormal.

But, for a Cancer, sometimes the Virgo might be too slow and observant, a creature. Cancer can make life easy but observing life and people for gaining knowledge and wisdom is not their forte.

Virgo and Cancer Sentiments

Cancer-Virgo duo are sentimental?

Cancer is no doubt a sentimental being. Virgo’s practicality can often seem like they do not have sentiments.

One sentimental being in a relationship does not matter at all as long as there is one who is not at all sentimental. Such is this relation between a Virgo and a Cancer.

Cancer is a small emotional being and is scared to open up, every time they like someone. Virgo on the other hand, observes the Crab for sometime, and if they really find it promising they may accept it or they may ignore it altogether.

Virgo and Cancer Intellect & Communication

Cancer is emotionally intellectual and Virgo is a mentally stimulating creature in the Cancer-Virgo pair.

Communication is slow even in a Virgo, so the Cancer in the Cancer-Virgo pair manages together well. It is a relation where one may keep silent for days or when the other just manages humming a few essential words to the other.

Cancer is practically shrewd by nature, and a Virgo is practically a clever creature in the Cancer-Virgo pair.

Cancer can do well when with a Virgo since the Cancer needs a shoulder to lean upon. A Virgo can be a stable structure, a durable relation is possible.

Virgo and Cancer Interests

A Virgo in the Cancer and Virgo compatibility prefers an intellectual company, unlike a Crab that would prefer being in a soft, sandy beach. A Virgo could be found anywhere near a museum, library or would prefer sitting in silence for sometime.

A Cancer of the Cancer-Virgo pair however would be found on a beachside. Sitting between palm trees or the huge trees in big gardens is where a Cancer would like to quietly retire after a day. Their soft presence is guided by words and their emotions.

There is nothing common between the two of them exactly. But, then they do not oppose each other and that is the best part of their association.

Virgo and Cancer Trust

Cancers trust in the Cancer-Virgo pair is based basically on primarily what they feel. A Virgo can know by their first sight if they would be able to trust a person. If a Virgo feels they can’t trust, they would not move further in the relationship.

A Virgo is sometimes manipulative and may often understand or twist the truth to suit their needs. If a Cancer is in the way, it typically does not mean the Virgo would like them for a romantic relationship.

Thus, it would be nice if you can, being a Crab know what the Virgo really feels inside when you are thinking of pairing up in the Cancer-Virgo pair. This fact would clear up doubts and you can choose if you ever want to dance to their tunes or you want to break free from their bondages.

Trust is different for a virulent Virgo and for a romantic Cancer when the Cancer and Virgo compatibility is to be considered.

Cancer can be played up easily, but so is not the case with a Virgo. No doubt, a Virgo is brave and has a strong spine. But a Cancerian mostly fears to stand up except for their own sake.

Additional Information On Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

How Compatible Are Earth-Water Sign?

The need to live emotionally is well evident in a Cancer being and the need to live aesthetically and beautifully is prominently present in a Virgo.

The Cancer-Virgo match can tolerate a lot of upside down environments. They can also tolerate a lot of abstractness and mindlessness in relations.

The Virgo is an amazingly calm soul and the Cancer is an amazingly emotional soul.

Their kids are their pride and the social skeleton built by a Virgo helps them thrive in a proper direction. Not all can do well in such an environment, the strict soft home of a Cancer-Virgo duo.

Cardinal Fixed Signs – More Light on Virgo and Cancer Compatibility Traits

Cancer signs are more strongly emotional creatures in this Cancer-Virgo pair. Their emotions are everything for them. Nothing can be done once they have felt something. They stick to their feelings.

If they have felt something, they would not budge from it. If they have considered something based on their feelings, they would never move an inch from it.

On the other hand a Virgo would prefer to analyse it from all sides. It is the fourth sign and the Virgos are the sixth sign. Ruled by the Moon, the Cancer in the Cancer-Virgo pair, they go well with the Virgo ruled by Mercury. Size wise the planet Mercury is similar to the Moon, bigger obviously.

It’s close proximity to the Sun makes it another hot ball much smaller and much dimmer when it comes to being a ball of Fire. But the heat of this planet is immense and rules the Virgo flowing right through their veins when the Cancer-Virgo compatibility comes into the picture.

The Fire is more earthly and the Virgos run with the kinetic energy. They have a severe and urgent need to know what is original in this world. What they are and why they exist are important questions for a Virgo, not to be taken lightly by a Cancer-Virgo pair.

Wrap up

The Cancer-Virgo pair is almost always good together and the Cancer and Virgo compatibility is absolutely stunning and promises a long future. Cancer-Virgo together have the capability to grow together, thus merging the Cancer’s emotional side with the Virgo’s practical side.

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