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Taurus and Leo

Two alphas in one scabbard are how you can define a Taurus and Leo compatibility in a single phrase, it is how you can see this relationship. The Taurus and Leo signs are extremely fixed signs with beliefs and patterns of thoughts already in place.

The Leo and Taurus can turn the tables for sure but much lies ahead of this whole point. A lot of hard work, a fair bit of understanding and loads of fulfilling ideas and activity can make this couple stand at the epitome of perfection.

Meet Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott of the pack.

Both love homes – a Taurean likes a calm, lavish home with lots of air and greenery and a Leo would be happier if they can have a den.

Taurus and Leo Compatibility Traits

In a Taurus – Leo pair, a Taurus would always take a calculative risk. A Leo, on the other hand, would always be more of an adventurous bidder. They like to take the leap of faith.

Traits Taurus Leo 
Jealous ✔️ ✔️
Pride ✔️ ✔️
Laziness ✔️
Fun loving ✔️
Honest ✔️ ✔️
Determined ✔️ ✔️
Hard-working ✔️
Enthusiastic ✔️
Stable ✔️ ✔️
Indulgent ✔️ ✔️
Anger ✔️ ✔️
Overconfident ✔️

Taurus and Leo Compatibility

Taurus and Leo Love Life

The Leo – Taurus relationship is a million-dollar match. Both Leo and Taurus duos are more into show-offs and lavish lives. Leo – Taurus couple cannot keep their hands off each other from the moment they meet. Leo loves the fact that the Taurus gives them “the apple of their eye status.

Taurus would oblige a Leo in this Taurus – Leo coupling with their economic stability and their loving advice initially. A Leo, in general, would spark off a small warm fire in the small hearth of the Taurus. The warmth would be immensely comforting for the hard-working Taurus in the Taurus – Leo duo who would be working hard to build an empire of their own.

But, once Taurus in this Taurus – Leo duo begins to turn their attention in a different direction, mostly their work, the Lion would begin to roar madly. The Lion would see it as a breach of faith, a breach of the puffed-up ego. A fall from their previous position would not be taken well by Leo at all. This is one point that can create discomfort in the relationship.

Taurus and Leo Sentiments

Taurus of this Taurus – Leo duo is always trying to build a life around themselves. They feel they are where life is, the place where the grass is green, the place where trees grow and the sun is shining, where the birds chirp. Leos in this Taurus – Leo couple, on the other hand, is all about passion and egos.

It is about being the center of summer. They believe that life smiles where they stand and problems are just concoctions of the mind. Leo is all about vacations, parties, hitting the roads as and when they can. In a Taurus – Leo compatibility, Taurus is more about patience and perseverance.

When a Taurus sees such a Leo, they may take offense. They would start comparing them to their Leo counterparts- how much hard work they do, and how much of vacations the Leo keeps taking on the other hand. A Taurean is proud of what they own, they are indulgent in what they achieve and quite tactical planners.

On the other hand, Leos in the Taurus and Leo compatibility fragment is more about joyous reveries, smarter plans and no work sort of people. It is although not, that they are not capable of achieving their heart’s desire. They just have to let that inner flame reach their minds. With a flaming mind, Leo can very quickly achieve anything in life much faster than a Taurus.

Taurus and Leo – Intellect & Communication

In the Taurus – Leo duo, the intellectual factor brings them together. Though a Taurus is emotional it is more about the mind. Even though Leo is more about passion, it is still more from the mind beyond a certain point. Intellect flows freely between the two of them. However, communication is an issue. A Taurus would, in this case, be a mute listener as the talkative Leo keeps bragging about the beautiful world around. 

Leos love to brag when it comes to a Taurus – Leo duo in front of their loved ones. They love a crowd when they speak. On the other hand, a Taurus can have a communication gap with a Leo since a Taurus speaks far less than one can imagine. A Leo of the Taurus and Leo may often not end up understanding a Taurus in such circumstances.

Taurus and Leo Interests

A Taurean has his heart firmly in his cage whereas Leo can satisfy the attention-craving Taurus, the glib talker, by wearing their hearts on their sleeves. They both love roaming around in malls, art galleries. 

Taureans are great connoisseurs of art and paintings. Leos on the other hand love to love crafts and artistic manifestations in this Taurus – Leo couple. A Taurean would love to make life easier for the other whereas Leo would not want the same.

Taurus and Leo Trust

Trustworthiness is a skill both have when this Taurus and Leo compatibility is to be measured. They can be trustworthy with each other if they wish to continue the relationship. But, if either of them fails to see a future in the relationship then both do not mind searching elsewhere for the Taurus and Leo compatibility

You know if they are seeing a future in you or not. Both make it quite obvious. The reasons why they separate? Well, a Taurean may seem too fixated on money and a luxurious outpour. A Leo, on the other hand, may seem to be too lazy and egoistic when it comes to splitting up.

Additional Information On Taurus and Leo Compatibility

How Compatible Are Earth v/s Fire Sign?

The Earth signs can tell a Fire sign how to be economical, practical and calculative. Often these Earth signs can grow to become cold, barren and constricted when they deal with life and energyOn the other hand, the Fire signs can teach the Earthlings warmth, and radiance. Often the Earth in the Taurus and Leo compatibility stand can nourish under the impact of the Fire signs. 

For a balanced and happy Earth, all three factors are very essential- the warm Sunshine, the flowing waters and the cool breeze. Without these three factors, the Earth might be a depleting resource, thus it always tries to gain from such associations.

Fixed and Fixed Signs – More Light on Taurus and Leo Compatibility Traits

If both are fixed signs, then either both are bossy, sticking to their points till the end. This could seem like two swords in the same scabbard. Both would not fit in together in a single scabbard. On the other hand, if they can overcome their egos, they both can benefit from it.

Especially the Taurus can become warmer in the company of a Fire sign, and what better than a Leo. The colder, less habitable zones within a Taurus in the Taurus – Leo couple take a warmer form when the Taurus – Leo pair together.

Wrap Up

Fixed signs are obstinate together. Earth and Fire together are indeed possible when the Earth learns to benefit from the hot Leo. Simultaneously, Leo in this Taurus – Leo duo learns to take life more seriously and in a more planned manner. This solves the Taurus – Leo duo when vanity vanishes and pride stops pestering the fiery Fire when the whimsical weary Earth learns to be warmer and draws benefit from it. 

It is then that the two swords consisting of the Taurus – Leo couple would forge a bond, a union that can last a lifetime and even beyond that point.

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