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Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

A Sagittarius-Sagittarius compatibility of the same week or the same day has the potential to be a bad match. However, a Sagittarius-Sagittarius compatibility between the two separate weeks is a good match.

The first week Sagittarians are called the revolutionists, the second week are Independent seekers, the third week gives originators and the fourth week ones bring Titans of the zodiac faculty and the fifth week ones are the cusps of the zodiac.

Revolutionists and originators in the Sagittarius-Sagittarius duo go hand in hand.

The Titans go well with the originators or the independent seekers or revolutionists, usually not the cusps in the Sagittarius-Sagittarius pair.

It is a sign of exploration and expansion just like it’s guardian planet Jupiter.

A Sagittarius often beat their own drums in the Sagittarius-Sagittarius pair. A Sagittarius may listen to you only under two circumstances- either you seem genuine to the Sagittarius or you are capable of subduing them with your logical rationale.

Usually scientifically bent they choose being lonely often. The myth of the world cannot remain hidden for long from them when they try to fight the world.

But, if they get along with another Sagittarius whom they encounter being similar to them, the duo would do everything to keep up with each other.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility Traits

Sagittarius-Sagittarius duo are quite not bothered about the world when they are together. Usually they suffer from NGATO (not giving attention to others) deficit disorder. With their better half being a Sagittarius, this disorder would expand too.

Traits Sagittarius Sagittarius
Adventurous ✔️ ✔️
Optimistic ✔️ ✔️
Curious ✔️ ✔️
Skeptical ✔️ ✔️
Confident ✔️ ✔️
Sharp ✔️ ✔️
Bright ✔️ ✔️

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Love Life

Sagittarius-Sagittarius couples can lighten up a room like no other. It is thus often interpreted that they are social creatures, which often they are not. But their ability to sense others sufferings and their immense capability to pull a human out of this suffering is maddeningly and strikingly a peculiar trait no other sign in the entire zodiac ever shows.

The Sagittarius-Sagittarius compatibility rises from the fact that both understand each other completely. Just a bit of behavioural and thinking differences, otherwise everything else remains the same between the two of them.

The Sagittarius-Sagittarius duo can make life better when both try to ground themselves. They are mostly birds flying high up in the sky. The Sagittarius-Sagittarius compatibility rests on their love meter for each other. The only elements a Sagittarius believes in, is called love. There is nothing else that can hold the Sagittarian’s attention for long. Both people, if believe equally in love can bind together by the same glue and for both of them, this glue is the most perfect fit.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Sentiments

The Sagittarius-Sagittarius duo does not suffer from typical sentiments. They are non-attached, righteous in their own way and do not believe in repentance. Mostly, they try to be righteous to others till they are in a certain present. 

Once they leave, it is only the good things they keep as memories as they might have moved on to their present and their future is a non repetitive cycle. They are fair minded creatures.

Thus, the pair is rarely feeling for anything they have left behind themselves. The Sagittarius-Sagittarius pair is a present or futuristic and does not believe in relieving pasts.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Intellect & Communication

Often jealous of the Sagittarian zest for life people bully, torture and pester them on their way. However, it is hard for these creatures to not see the points from where the humans act- the pettiness and the small thinking.

Unemotional, detached, balanced and self righteous people, the Sagittarius slowly move on their path which they often choose late in life. Emotions are not disturbing elements for these creatures but rather emotions loose the Cancerian stickiness and the Aquarian dryness once they reach this sign.

Often in their heads, the Sagittarius duo is way beyond the normal intellect of the people. The Conversations and communications are immensely gratifying when a Sagittarius-Sagittarius couple plan to share themselves with each other.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Interests

The Sagittarius-Sagittarius duo is interested in almost everything that is Light and sometimes dark things also attract them. A body is just a medium for these creatures. From stargazing to cobbling, they would know almost everything.

The true scientists, these creatures know every emotion and every move that a person makes around them but are mostly not interested in this realm.

The Sagittarius-Sagittarius duo are mutants and mutate as per their need. Their principles however strangely don’t mutate. It takes them a long while to figure out why people around them behave like “they are walking the streets without their minds.”

This pair can help each other understand the fallacies of the world. This Sagittarius-Sagittarius duo helps each other with their goals, and whatever interests them more than others.

Sagittarian souls often walk the Earth, not for power, money but mostly to learn the one big question of life- the reason behind their existence.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Trust

The Sagittarius-Sagittarius duo are skeptical and do not believe in having a sugar coated mouth. Often they prefer keeping quiet since the world around them knows well to play with words.

Often skeptical, in nature, the Sagittarius-Sagittarius duo might still take caution in trusting even their fellow Centaurs now that they are all grown up and wise.

The Sagittarius-Sagittarius compatibility arises from the slow trust that builds between these two half horses. This trust lasts them a long time, almost a lifetime.

Additional Information On Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

How Compatible Are Fire-Fire Sign?

Sagittarius-Sagittarius duo is a Fire sign match and is like Fire on ice. You cannot reach it easily, since you never know the depth of the ice sheets in each heart. You never know what kind of fire burns in these hearts- if it is smouldering, raging or a purging fire. Thus attempting to extinguish it, is not the right choice since frankly a Sagittarian soul cannot be extinguished by anybody, not even by themselves once they have taken shape.

But, a Sagittarian who matches the rhythm of the other Sagittarius would easily find this out in the Sagittarius-Sagittarius duo. Fire signs together and that too from the same sign would cause a Fire that can burn you completely.

Sagittarius-Sagittarius compatibility arises from the fact that these two in the pair would never be able to generate negative thoughts about the other person, thus acting for each other’s benefit continuously.

The Sagittarius-Sagittarius duo would treasure such a companion, since walking alone is not always a choice they make out of their sheer desire to be alone.

Mutable-Mutable Signs – More Light on Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility Traits

Mutability is a blessing for this duo. Be it the Sahara desert or the lofty Himalayas or the ocean depths of the trenches, these hardy souls can move through all of it.

Sagittarius-Sagittarius compatibility is as non-existent as the Fire yet generating vitality and vigour in two souls equally and continuously is what they do,as a couple.

You may laugh at such a couple, who might be building plans of studying in the demolished haven of Larung Gar or planning an escape from the rig morales of the silly life.

Sagittarius souls identify that nothing in this world is fixed like the Earth and the Universe, but rather silty sand slipping out of hands. Great empires once built have come down in due time, nothing stays forever in the same shape and form, is how these mighty wanderers envision life.


When the mighty wanderers come together to create togetherness, it is something worth watching. YOu may laugh at their ways of frolic and wise living and they may laugh back at your dreams and aspirations.

The Sagittarius and Sagittarius compatibility can make a fun filled pair together for light fun is all they think is what remains to be enjoyed in this world. Exploring the world expands the wisdom that rests in their hearts since they were born. At one point, the Sagittarius-Sagittarius duo might be so full of all the worldly masochisms that they may prefer being a recluse hermit with a brain stuffed with all the knowledge and wisdom locked in their neurons.

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