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Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Frankly, the Sagittarius-Aquarius can do too well together, had the Aquarian learnt ever, not to try to tame the Sagittarius. The Aquarius is as fixed as a full grown man.

They see the horse part of a Sagittarius and try to ride it, try to tame it. But they fail to see the human part of the Centaur with a head of a seer glaring down at them. Riding or taming these creatures is not even a distant possibility.

The dodging behaviour of a Sagittarius would irate the Aqua immensely in this Sagittarius-Aquarius duo. Fuelled by this attitude, fixed in their attitude, the Aquarius would try to prod the carefree Sagittarius further.

The Aquarius would not be able to leave the desire of entrapping such a wonderful creature; further attempting use of falsities. The Aquarians can be like those hunters who would not give up their desire to hunt down a wonderful creature alive or dead.

An Aquariaus is easily trusted by society due to their predictable nature and ways of thinking. But this trust is what an Aquarius often uses to mould people’s beliefs in their favour by raising a finger at the Sagittarian souls in Sagittarius-Aquarius duo.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility Traits

The often cool, carefree Aquarius can get heated up when a Sagittarius is in their vicinity. The Aquarian’s attention turns automatically towards the Sagittarius when questioning the Sagittarius-Aquarius compatibility.

An Aquarius likes to study people and Sagittarius is a book they are never tired of reading, predicting and prognosticating as long as they can.

A Sagittarius is not bothered much but too many tangles can entangle even such huge Creatures. Thus, moving out of the ways of such people is the only resolution left with the Sagittarius, often to tell the whole world that the world is looking in the wrong direction.

Let us see a few similar and discriminatory zones in the life of a Sagittarius-Aquarius pair.

Traits Sagittarius Aquarius
Adventurous ✔️ ✔️
Optimistic ✔️
Curious ✔️ ✔️
Skeptical ✔️ ✔️
Freedom Loving ✔️ ✔️
Carefree ✔️
Mentally skewed ✔️
Well developed sixth sense ✔️

Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility

Sagittarius and Aquarius Love Life

If the right Sagittarius-Aquarius pair together, they can love like they can never separate, but if they separate, a Sagittarius moves away like they were strangers always.

Often, a Sagittarius would move away to prevent being caught by the Aquarius in wrong ways.

An Aquarius and a Scorpion often chase a Sagittarius since for them a Sagittarius is most likely a golden-egg-laying-hen.

Serving others is a conscious choice Sagis often make but being the sacrificial horse is not what they prefer to be.

Small subtle changes are often picked up very well by the Sagittarius in the Sagittarius-Aquarius duo. Sagittarians are often known to be super sleuths of the tribe, if need be.

They would somehow or the other find out what is going on, for sure. Keeping the proof close to their hearts, they cannot be proven crazy at any point of their time.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Sentimentality

Sentimentally prone, Aquarius can be a bad influence in a Sagittarian life if the Sagi is not lucky enough to meet mature Aquarius. Meeting a mature Aquarius is like meeting God, and God is non existent for humans. To mature, an Aquarius needs to go through many pits and falls. Mostly endowed by a smooth approach of life, they fail to mature.

Being fixed an Aquarian would look back on their lives quite often. An Aquarius does not usually bond well with the Sagittarius if you are at all considering the Sagittarius-Aquarius compatibility. The Aquarians consider themselves very important. This feeling of self importance drives them often to take a Sagittarian for granted. Taking a Sagittarian for granted is another inhibiting factor in this Sagittarius-Aquarius relationship.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Intellect & Communication

Intellectually both are sharp, but they invest their energies in different directions. The Sagittarius-Aquarius duo both can invest themselves in different topics and subjects. Life for an Aquarius and Sagittarius travel in two very different planes.

Both are very communicative. Though Aquarians are not deep conversationalists, however that does not stop the talking between the two of them.

Trying to show the Sagittarius down whenever they can, becomes an Aquarian hobby. The Aquarian reverses the game on the Sagittarius. The Aquarian can fine tune every small action of the Sagittarius to show that the Sagittarius behaviour is the cause of the agony Sagis go through when they couple together.

Once the Aquarian wins this game, the Aquarius would themselves reject the Sagittarius when the Sagittarius-Aquarius try to come together. This gives the Aquarius immense satisfaction when they have found a way to reject an intellect higher than theirs, simply by playing games.

The Sagittarius would often not let the game reach such levels. The Aquarius would be dropped off midway somewhere, by the Sagittarius, leaving the Aquarius wanting for more action and drama.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Interests

If at all the Sagittarius-Aquarius duo can form a pair, given the Aquarius is a mature man to see what is standing in front of them, it is then that they can both flourish together.

A Sagittarius often prefers being in a stable relationship, the one which begins at matrimony.

The Sagittarius would prefer being alone otherwise. An Aquarius-Sagittarius pair share common interests- travelling together is something they like, trying different cuisines is also another interest they share, both are quite idealists in nature, ideals differ though and both don’t believe in being billionaires of the world.

Different cuisines, the mountains, the lakes, you may not know where a Sagittarius stays once they have achieved their sanity.

Aquarius is interested in humans like no other. Their energy can never drain from studying humans in view.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Trust

Revenge is often not the way of a Sagittarius, they know well that “a tooth for an eye” would slowly turn the whole world blind and toothless. But once an Aquarius is mature, they can see the human form of the Sagittarius. These kinds of Aquarius are rare yet they can always be a match made in heaven.

The chemistry, physics and biology between a Sagittarius-Aquarius pair can be seen transparently when this bond comes into existence. It is when the Saturn part of Aquarius rules the being that these beings form an irreplaceable bond with the Jupiter of the Sagittarius.

Abraham Lincoln was one such Aquarius and his bond with his Sagittarius wife was one of the irreplaceable ones in the Sagittarius-Aquarius pair. These are rarely present on Earth and once Sagittarius has broken free of the snares created by the Aquarius, rest is history for the Sagittarius.

A Sagi innately believes that there is no love where there is doubt and they are always true when it comes to such confirmation and affirmations.

This kind of a pair cannot work in each others interests. Relationships are spoiled often.

Additional Information On Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility

How Compatible Are Fire-Air Sign?

Fire and Air can go well together when Fire and Air are complementing each other. Fire is capable of providing warmth to Air and Air is capable of spreading the Fire far and wide.

Fire is not dependent on Air since the Fire across the Universe burns without Air many times. But Air would definitely need the warmth of Fire to become healing, and even to create storms and hurricanes.

The Fixed-Mutable Signs-More Light on Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility Traits

The Sagittarius-Aquarius compatibility is a dwindling affair majorly due to the transfixed nature of the Aquarius. Basically fixed signs, they can wreak havoc when the Sagittarians talk of change or modification of the former ways.

New ways and unconventional ways is the way of the Sagittarius as well the Aquarius in the pair but then Aquarius would never try to the rightful heir of such alterations.


The Sagittarius-Aquarius duo would not fit well, they would rather be an antagonistic duo together. The Sagittarius-Aquarius duo can make life difficult for each other. The Aquarius can do two things very well- if they follow Uranus, they would doom themselves and if they follow Saturn, they would deliver everyone. The choice comes into their lives once or twice and it depends on what they try to make of themselves. It is one in a thousand who can pair well with a Sagittarius when driving a Sagittarius-Aquarius compatibility.

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