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Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer and Pisces compatibility is one of the best of all the couples. One dreams to touch the sky and the other one manages to keep them down on the ground. The Cancer is the practical Crabwise crab and the Fish is a wanderer of the SeaCancer is the shrewd, homely version of the Pisces. There is nothing more beautiful with a Crab when the Pisces forms a pair with the Cancer in the Cancer-Pisces duo

The Cancer can hide the Pisces in the small homes that they form, the Cancerian would guide their innocence, try to treasure them like some prize or gift in the Cancer-Pisces duoThe Pisces is very slow and the Cancers can scuttle fast as creatures. Cancerians can be a multi tasker but Pisceans are perfectionists in the Cancer-Pisces duo. 

Perfection requires a person to be slow, it has been proved.

Both are emotionally rich and in the company of a Pisces, Cancerian emotions transform to become superfluous. Both are emotionally competent creatures in the Cancer-Pisces duo. They can understand each other’s needs very well and emotionally a Cancer rains down upon a Pisces and Pisces lashes on the shores of the Cancer in Cancer-Pisces pair. 

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility Traits

Emotional intelligence is high in the Cancer-Pisces pair. Most Pisceans are empaths, by nature.

Cancer-Pisces compatibility is beautifully built when both begin respecting the other.

The qualities which match in both and also don’t match in both are:

Traits Pisces Cancer
Moody ✔️ ✔️
Homely ✔️ ✔️
Delinquent ✔️ ✔️
Imaginative ✔️
Friendly ✔️
Revolutionary thinker ✔️
Emotional ✔️ ✔️
Curious ✔️

Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

Pisces and Cancer Love Life

Lots of fights over who decorates the house better, is a source of constant fun between the two of them. Lots of cryings, phases of depression, silent Sundays is what would comprise a Pisces-Cancer home. Emotional breakdowns and sensitivity sharing is something prominently appearing in these couples.

Cancer-Pisces pair would do perfectly well, when it comes to understanding each other. The Cancer-Pisces, both would be able to tackle each other’s mood swings and also understand without speaking why one is upset.

There is nothing that is more strongly prominent between them than the emotional bonding and craving for each other. They are beautiful together since they create a kind of love that is based purely on emotions and is quite a rare kind in itself.

Pisces and Cancer Sentiments

Sentimentally often incorrect, Cancer-Pisces can often be extremely judgemental creatures. Their hearts when too tightly woven like the tightened strings of the guitar would scrutinise every action and reaction of other human beings.

Deeply hurt, both can be vicious and when unhurt they can be the sweetest. But, not all would go as per the wishes of these soft hearts. The world would leave no stone unturned to disturb them. The Cancer-Pisces compatibility would make every attempt to turn them into monsters and to turn them against the one they love.

This is obviously the test of time they have to give, since these aquatic creatures are sent here to learn how to forgive others. The Cancer-Pisces duo have to learn to forget, they have to stop taking revenge for every small thing, especially the Cancerians. Their wounds would be too flammable and palpable. A Pisces in the Cancer-Pisces duo judges well often and is guided very less by their egos. However, they too take offence and it can be far more deadly and poisonous than the Cancerian way of revenge.

The Cancer-Pisces duo is moody, nocturnal & emotional. Their mood swings can also be accompanied by an inferiority complex and superiority complex pattern. This kind of a pattern may not sit well with many, who may eye it as attitude often.

Pisces and Cancer Intellect & Communication

Cancer and Pisces compatibility is very evident in their mute expressions

They need a lot of love and assurance to survive. Since the Cancer-Pisces duo is amazingly similar, they know what each wants from the other is a simple one word- stability. If you can make these two feel stable, it will be more than enough for them. Intellectually, a Pisces in the Cancer-Pisces compatibility is more sound than their Cancerian counterpart. The intellect though, arises from the same point- emotions.

Communication is not at all what they have come here to do, they feel. For the Cancer-Pisces duo, it is just a means to convey their purpose and intent to another human in the block. Conversations matter, however, communications do not, for these people.

Cancer-Pisces compatibility rises from their ability to converse efficiently- they are good conversationalists. Give them a topic of their choice and they would go on for hours and hours. Spirituality, the secrets of this world, their disgust in senseless rituals, are some of their favorite topics.

Pisces and Cancer Interests

The Cancer-Pisces duo can have the same interests. Staying at home, eating, decorating their favorite place, cleaning and quietly wafting with music is something they like.

Cancer is interested in living with books, caring for their small treasures and caring about having more money. On the other hand, Pisces is more about sleeping, resting, painting their thoughts and stimulating their minds with spiritual and religious gossip. The Cancer-Pisces duo can often not be told what they should do.

They are not interested in anyone else most of the time- the Cancer-Pisces duo is rather interested in becoming something of their own. Cancer is interested in doing something of their own. Creativity attracts both.

Money attracts a Cancerian and dreams attract a Pisces in the Cancer-Pisces duo. A Piscean dreams and a Cancerian fulfills those dreams.

Pisces and Cancer Trust

When each sets eyes on the other, for them trust is like this, “all the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.”

The Cancer-Pisces duo will never be any dearth of trust between the two of them.

Additional Information On Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

How Compatible are Water-Water Sign?

They travel together. Cancer is made of the Moon and Pisces is guided by Neptune & Jupiter in Cancer-Pisces duo. The pull in them is strong for the opposite poles and they can be equally powerful in both realms as the fish can travel upstream and downstream.

Being water they can be still or turbulent, vaporised or ice. Snow is a beautiful expression of water and so is vapour. The Cancer-Pisces duo can make life easier and more comfortable when used at the right place. When they are used at the wrong place, snow and vapour can be cruel to you in forms and ways you cannot define.

It is the same with the Cancer-Pisces duo. They can be beneficial to the world or torments upon the world. It depends on how they are being treated by the world. Treat each other gently and with caution, and there can be nothing more blissful in your life.

Cardinal Mutable Signs – More Light on Pisces and Cancer Compatibility Traits.

Cardinal and mutable, the Cancer-Pisces couple are a perfect match. It is something like this- the Cancer and Pisces are like the dreamer and the catcher. Together, they form a beautiful dream catcher of life and living.

Pisces dreams in the Cancer-Pisces duo. Cancer realises it, when counting the Cancer-Pisces compatibility. Cancer constructs it for the Cancer-Pisces duo. Pisces improvises it in the Cancer-Pisces compatibility.

The Cardinal signs are the creators (Brahma of the holy trinity). Mutable signs are the Shivas (the Poseiden of Greeks).

They destroy a little to create something more beautiful in the Cancer-Pisces.

Wrap Up

Cancer-Pisces is the duo that can steer each other well. Both fight with gritted teeth and both live in their cocoons. If they have come out of their cocoons, it would mean there is a great need to do so, thus they are out of their comfort zones. 

Cancer-Pisces compatibility rises from the fact that they defend their family with all their lives, and can go to any lengths to protect it from harm. The Cancer-Pisces duo would not be a match made in heaven but they would be extremely successful with each other. Benedict Cumberbach and Sophie Hunter are a perfect example.

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