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Libra and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer-Libra is an Air-Water combination. Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign and Libra is a Cardinal Air sign of Cancer and Libra compatibility.

The Cardinal signs can definitely bring trouble when together and that too the combination of Air and Water. The Cancer-Libra compatibility rises from that point, where both stop trying to change each other. The Moon and Venus both have their views of the world and both like to move up in their path.

The Cancer-Libra duo can make a good rise when both understand each other’s origin well. The Moon rises with emotions, soft, gentle ones or crooked, scarring ones. What you drive them to become is what they make of you.

Venus on the other hand, is aesthetically built with a lot of innovative ideas to make things work, stand and mingle. If the Cancer-Libra duo has something very precious in their folds, some very innate built to be with each other.

Some place of fondness, then you may always start from there. Let the fondness between both of you grow and let it encircle the whole of you. But there is a lot of hard work to be done. Cancer-Libra duo is not intellectually built and works mainly out of emotions and is all about their feelings even when they do something petty and wrong. Libra on the other hand, is all about balance, harmony and facts.

You both must know these points well. The Cancer-Libra duo has to learn the Libran way of life and the Libran has to learn the Cancer’s way.

Libra and Cancer Compatibility Traits

Cancer and Libra compatibility rises when Libra realises their growth in knowledge, alliances leads to expansion in this direction of harmony. Balance and harmony can only be achieved when they know their surroundings well.

Traits Libra Cancer
Moody ✔️
Harmonious ✔️
Shrewd ✔️
Calculative ✔️
Friendly ✔️
Suave ✔️
Emotional ✔️
Hard working ✔️ ✔️

Libra and Cancer compatibility

Libra and Cancer Love Life

Cancer on the other hand, in the Cancer-Libra duo, needs emotions, a home, a soft passage to their inner emotions. They have to tap their inner emotions at least once a day. Friends for a Libra are people who bring them information and help them on their way. For a Crab, a friend is someone who is almost their family.

A Libran often likes to be cared for, remembered and appreciated and they are drawn to Crabs precisely for this reason in the Cancer-Libra compatibility built.  On the other hand, a Crab in the Cancer-Libra pair would find the Libran ethics, their penchant for harmony and balance strikingly different.

Peace is something that begins with a Libra and Cancer in the Cancer-Libra compatibility definitely loves to be peaceful though they do not know how to create peace on their own. Keeping the charm from not vanishing is what can keep the work going between the Cancer-Libra duo.

Love for you would be more like work, where you have to plan, represent and act in a cohesive manner for things to materialise. You can take it as a work relationship and proceed slowly using the same principles.

Libra and Cancer Sentiments

There is nothing sentimental about a Libra in a Cancer-Libra duo on the other hand, a Cancer might seem like an unpredictable being to a Libran. In moments, the Crab’s mood may change.

All was well when they entered the room, in ten minutes they might be sitting in a corner feeling alienated and grumpy in the Cancer-Libra compatibility screen.

Cancer-Libra is all about liaisons and alliances and egos are often a strict “No.” They are all about trying to keep an eye on their assets. They also like to maintain a firmness with people whom they suspect may abuse their said rules in a treaty. Besides all of it, they are almost cool with everything.

Admittedly, the Libra of Cancer and Libra compatibility may not be okay with many things. They are aware that every person is a bag full of surprises.

Thus, a Libra may be a mute observer in all these emotional outbursts. But they would stand through it, if they have a soft corner for you.

Libra and Cancer Intellect & Communication

Emotional intellect is what fills the Cancer-Libra duo. Intellectual intellect is what fills the Libra.  A strong, intelligent mind may draw their attention like no other. Whereas, a highly emotional person may draw the attention of a Cancer.

Both minds are stimulated by different materials. A Libra in the Cancer-Libra compatibility would love to know how the world works, how things come into existence, how life moves from one zone to the other.

A Cancer in the Cancer-Libra duo would want to delve deeper into emotions, where they rise and fall with each day.

Libra is too talkative for a Cancer. It is difficult for a Cancer to consider talking so much mostly. Cancer is a quiet realm and Libra is not one such realm. This baffles the Libra, who believes talks can resolve everything.

Libra and Cancer Interests

A Cancer in the Cancer-Libra duo is interested in decorating their homes, playing indoor games, painting, sculpting and making a home bright, beautiful and spotless.

Librans love outdoor games, journeying the world, seeing things and living life big is their passion.

Librans are stylish and Cancerians are sporty when it comes to dressing in the Cancer-Libra pair. Gorgeous sequins, hand-crafted items and fine embroidery is what they often like. A Cancer can wear a sea-shell necklace or sporty shoes with a lehenga very easily.

Librans have a very high energy level and Cancerians lack energy to move out of their doors mostly in the Cancer-Libra duo.

Libra and Cancer Trust

A Cancer of the Cancer and Libra compatibility can never trust a bouncy Libra. Libra on the other front, cannot trust a calcareous Crab.

Too much emotions seem a sign of duplicity to a Libra and can make the Libran cautious when approaching such scenarios.

A Cancerian would trust you initially on the face in a Cancer-Libra duo but a Libran would always be skeptical about everything around. They are skeptical by birth like the Sagittarian’s souls.

Additional Information On Libra and Cancer Compatibility

How Compatible are Water-Air Sign?

A Libra is definitely far away from a Cancerian, ideally they may still be good for a scorpion but definitely the Cancer-Libra pair needs a lot of hard work.

Cancer-Libra compatibility is a lot of hard work for a good return. Both have to work equally and hard to call it a relationship.

For a Libra getting along with anyone is not at all an issue. But, getting attached emotionally to anyone, is definitely an issue.

For a Cancer, that is not the case. Getting along with anyone is also a problem.

Cardinal Fixed Signs – More Light on Libra and Cancer Compatibility Traits

Cancer-Libra duo is more of a homely, cosy person. There is nothing in Cancer that can be called adventurous. Libra is definitely a curious soul.

The Libra of the Cancer-Libra compatibility has nothing that can be called homely yet they are so aesthetically organized and structured that no one can not call them homely. This is one other place where they can bond well.

Cancer of the Cancer-Libra pair can take inputs from a Libra on such fronts and make a charming home that suits the Libran taste also.

Librans of the Cancer-Libra pair mostly like things neat, intricate and non-fussy when it comes to home decoration. Cancerians like gorgeous, shimmering and mostly white and grey designs.

Together the house would be full of gorgeous white sequins and grey silks when the Cancer-Libra compatibility blooms into a flower.

The soft, satin look would also cover the walls of the house.

Wrap Up

The wrap up message for a Cancer and Libra compatibility lies in their understanding for each other. Their fondness and their appreciation for each other must be immense.

Lighting emotions in a Libran heart is a tough job but once the flickering candle finds a home it might burn longer than you can imagine even between a Cancer-Libra pair.

Finding that emotional chord which links to their inner core is a hard job given their heart is full of growing vines and bushes.

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