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Gemini and Taurus

Is the Taurus-Gemini compatibility factor bothering you? Are you dating either one of them? Or, are you planning to settle down with any one of them? Or is it, that you’re attracted to any one of these personalities?

If the answer is “Yes,” then you are in the right place. This is here we would find more about Taurus-Gemini compatibility.

What are you wondering right now? Is it whether you both would click? Or, is it whether you both would be together for the rest of your life?

Let’s find out!

Gemini and Taurus Compatibility Traits

In here we would try to learn about Taurus and Gemini compatibility.

Traits Gemini Taurus
Love for Freedom ✔️
Commitment ✔️
Talkative ✔️
Fun loving ✔️
Sensual ✔️
Adventurous ✔️
Curious ✔️
Dual natured ✔️
Headstrong ✔️
Flexible ✔️
Anger ✔️ ✔️
Easy going ✔️

Gemini and Taurus Compatibility

Gemini and Taurus Love Life

So, Taurus-Gemini are in love? The massive Bull and the Twin pack have fallen for each other?

Well it’s one thing to fall for someone and it’s another thing to be married to someone. Taurus would not feel at home marrying a Gemini and the relationship would be constraining for the Gemini. One can never say that a Taurus-Gemini are incompatible. Since a relation is not only about the Sun sign but also depends on the Moon sign, ascendants and much more.

Taurus needs sensuality and beauty in love life and a Gemini needs spontaneity and sexiness. In Taurus and Gemini compatibility, the Bull is fond of long love-making sessions but the Gemini is fond of spontaneous and shorter circles of affection.

If a Taurus gives independence to the Gemini, taking advantage of that space, Gemini would run far away and hide in the woods. This relationship requires the Taurus to be stronger when it comes to handling relations.

Gemini and Taurus Sentiments

Taurus-Gemini are two poles when it comes to sentiments. They never meet on common grounds. Taurus is a highly sentimental and artistic being. Gemini on the other hand, is fun loving and less attached. A Gemini can be curious about everybody, almost everybody. Being a Taurus you may take offence in the Gemini’s curiosity. A Taurus man or woman would not prefer if their counterpart keeps being curious about every other individual they cross on the road. The only reason why Taurus and Gemini compatibility can be thought to exist is, both of you are one after the other in the zodiac cycle.

Are there any similarities?

Characteristics of the previous zodiac may lack certain attributes, fulfilled by the one below them often. Gemini is aware that goals are never often reached, dreams are broken every time you build them and opportunities are not often arising in the desert of life. A Taurus needs a home to live. A Gemini can live barely in and out of the suitcase. It is a tough match but if they both can run together, there are many things between them to share and learn.

In Taurus-Gemini combination, Gemini believes in knowledge and information whereas Taurus would be happy in a warm and cosy home relaxing by the fire. Taurus would love to make a tale out of their life, a warm tale or a brutal tale but a tale is what they need to have throughout their lives. A Gemini does not believe in growing roots, it is a sign of absolute freedom and loves to move on until it disappears one day.

Sentimentality is seen more progressively in a Taurus than in the Twin beings in Taurus-Gemini compatibility. A Taurus would express their feelings about everything, they are more from the heart. A Gemini would prefer loading the mind with the information they obtained from the feelings.

Gemini and Taurus Intellect & Communication

Taurus-Gemini compatibility is more of an emotional being. The Gemini is more about being an intellectual being. The Taurus runs hot and cold with emotions but the Gemini is more about the cold mind. Gemini is communicative and Taurus likes good conversations within the Taurus-Gemini compatibility.

One may never be able to pick up a proper conversation with a Gemini since the Gemini will never be patient enough to have one.  Whereas the Taurus would never be able to communicate on the surface alone without proceeding to a good conversation.

Gemini and Taurus Interests

Taurus-Gemini have completely different fields of interests. Taurus is interested more in aesthetics and soft pleasures. Gemini is interested more in the outdoors and are more into camping. Taurus always wants to be the center of attention and a Gemini loves revolving around others. In Taurus and Gemini compatibility, Taurus loves art and painting whereas Gemini is fond of cycling.

Taurus is in love with the greens and meadows. Gemini is more of a city person. Taurus are stoic and quiet people at heart. Geminis are captivating and enthusiastic people. A Taurus would love to go to a concert, a library or an art gallery. A Gemini would love to skateboard or scuba dive or practise swimming in their free times.

Camping is Gemini’s favorite and though they would be sweet at one moment, they can be sour and completely bored at another in a Taurus and Gemini compatibility. A Taurus would go for a walk in the greens. A Gemini would go for a discotheque in the evenings.

Gemini and Taurus Trust

In Taurus and Gemini compatibility an introverted Taurus can never trust the outgoing, extroverted Gemini. Taurus is more reserved and prefers being loyal to a single person as long as they are attached to that person.

Gemini is a mutable Air sign and Taurus is a fixed Earth sign when it comes to Taurus and Gemini compatibility. The Gemini can feel tied down with the Taurus and the slow Bull might find it difficult running behind a Gemini.

Trust issues majorly arise as a Taurus is more homely and wants to live life at a slow pace. The pace of a Gemini can offend the Taurus who imagines that the pace is a way of escape from the pull of the Great Taurus.

Gemini on the other hand, does not like boasting and suspects the boastful Bull profoundly of ingenuity.

Additional Information On Gemini and Taurus Compatibility

How Compatible Are Earth v/s Air Sign?

Taurus and Gemini are not very compatible.

The Taurus of Taurus-Gemini can show the lofty Air signs how to be on the ground? The Earth signs offer practical help and teaches the Air to understand ground realities that the Air signs consider to be  too tying and grounding.

The Gemini of Taurus-Gemini can pull the Earth sign up into the wide expanse of the Universe, showing them the beauty of seeing the Earth from top. But too much of a dream and no reality can quickly make the Earth signs lose respect for the Air signs.

Fixed and Mutable Signs – More Light on Gemini and Taurus Compatibility Traits

Fixed Earth sign like Taurus can grow their roots deep into the Earth. No one can ever match them in this quality. 

The mutable Air sign like Gemini of Taurus-Gemini combo is mercurial, similar to the planet that rules it. Light natured, changeable Gemini loves to observe the life and it’s spectacles wittily.

Wrap Up

To conclude, this is not a very promising match as fallouts happen faster. But deep somewhere, Taurus-Gemini can make life better for each other.

The Taurus can learn to be a bit carefree, enjoying through life’s failures and spectacles. Taurus-Gemini couple is ruled by beautiful Venus and the mercurial Mercury. Out of Taurus-Gemini, Taurus holds beauty as its epitome like the beautiful Venus and Gemini on the other hand goes haywire with all the eccentricity of Mercury, running within their minds like the electricity flows through the wires.

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