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Cancer and Taurus

Taurus and Cancer? Can you imagine a crab unite with the Bull? Is it what you are fearing and thus looking at the Taurus -Cancer compatibility factor? Taurus – Cancer has come together? Questions like this scare you more and more. Right! Are you calling it a match? Are you head over heels for the stylish Taurus or the sporty, deeply emotional Cancer? 

If you are acknowledging it and nodding your head back and forth, you are in the right place. This is here that we would find more about Taurus and Cancer compatibilityCan the grounded and strong Taurus be a good partner to the practical and clever Crab?

Let’s find out!

Cancer and Taurus Compatibility Traits

We would try to learn about Taurus and Cancer compatibility. Would the tiny crab be able to tame the mighty bull or would it face a stampede under the feet of the bully Bull?

Traits Cancer Taurus
Reliable ✔️ ✔️
Committed ✔️ ✔️
Sporty ✔️
Determined ✔️ ✔️
Sensual ✔️
Practical ✔️ ✔️
Creative ✔️
High emotional quotient ✔️ ✔️
Headstrong ✔️
Resilience ✔️
Loyalty ✔️ ✔️

Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

Cancer and Taurus Love Life

The massive Bull and the tiny crab have fallen for each other? This is something to know, this relationship can happen since the Earth can be nourished by the water well. The crab of the seas and rivers bring water with them to the Earth and the Earth is very fond of such nourishment. Taurus and Cancer can go a long way if they want. This is the first place where you can learn that size does not matter at all when it comes to love. 

Taurus needs sensuality and beauty in love life and Cancer needs emotional security. In Taurus and Cancer compatibility, the Bull is fond of long lovemaking. Cancer makes the whole process more emotional than anyone can imagine. The Bull learns to acknowledge emotions from the small emotional, quirky Cancer.

The problem arises when the Taurus closes off after a discussion about some of their truest beliefs. They might be wrong or they might be right but there is nothing beyond that point. Cancer may take it emotionally and may consider the fact that their Taurean partner is driving them crazy. The Taurean on the other hand, may find the Cancerians a little sticky and scarily, maddeningly emotional.

Cancer and Taurus Sentiments

Taurus and Cancer value peace and harmony. Moon is the Lord of Cancer and exalted in the Taurean counterpart. Thus they both enjoy a blissful, understanding environment. Taurus is more about financial and earthly securities. 

Cancer in the Taurus – Cancer coupling is a cardinal sign and taking initiatives is one of the most comfortable factors they can do. Taurus, on the other hand, is a Fixed sign and can work on the initiatives that the Cancerians have taken on a particular path.

Taureans can take ages to decide upon a certain point whereas a Cancer decides quickly about everything

They might often share doing nothing together. They may sit back, laze around or simply cook a good meal together. This cannot be spoken off as laziness but rather an exaggerated need for rest and pleasure. Sometimes, when they can spend time together, this sense of rest and well-being seems to grow within them beyond their rational minds.

Taurus and Cancer compatibility can work completely. The Cancer provides that emotional bridge for the Taurus. Cancer can feel all the senses every day. A Taurean, on the other hand, would provide the gentle touch of practicality and material security to the sporty, emotional Cancer.

A Taurus needs a home to live. Cancer needs a family. It is a pretty match and they share a lot of well being and happiness together, given they are together. In Taurus – Cancer combination, Cancer believes in emotions, loves caring for children and prefers building a home, a Taurus would be happy relaxing in a warm and cozy home by the fire.

Sentimentality is on both sides in a Taurus and Cancer compatibility. A Taurus would express their feelings about everything, they are more of a heart but only when they are comfortable around someone. Cancer would prefer relating to the emotional part of the journey.

When both travel it is usually a lavish affair. They both like to travel luxuriously and love to enjoy those moments of togetherness.

Cancer and Taurus Intellect & Communication

Taurus – Cancer compatibility is more of a soggy soil mixture. They can always form a stable home, they like to share fantasies about their home being more of an underground lagoon. They both love the color white and sparkling off-white. Emotions are a stronghold of Taurus once they are comfortable with the Cancer who is always the most emotional creatures around them. 

In a relationship, the Taurus and Cancer do not speak much. The Crab can fill in the blank spaces in conversation with a Taurus in a Taurus – Cancer compatibility. The Taurus too can understand the silent crab mostly.

Cancer and Taurus Interests

Taurus and Cancer have similar fields of interest. Taurus is interested more in aesthetic and soft pleasures. Cancer is interested more in the outdoors as well as softer, pleasing indoor options. In Taurus and Cancer compatibility, Taurus loves art and painting whereas Cancer is fond of singing. Taurus is in love with the greens and meadows. Cancer too would prefer a silent cave with a water body around.

Taurus is a stoic and quiet person at heart. Cancer is captivating and enthusiastic people, quite charismatic and has softer heart tones. A Taurus would love to go to a concert, a library or an art gallery. Cancer too would love to accompany them. A Taurus loves to stay at home most often with a domestic Cancer around.

Stargazing and camping are Cancer’s favorite and these Cancerians would be sweet all the time, in a Taurus and Cancer compatibilityA Taurus would go for a walk in the greens. A Cancer would sit in a garden humming a beautiful song in the evenings.

Cancer and Taurus Trust

Trust is never an issue in a Taurus and Cancer compatibilityThere are certain points though within Taurus that are more like convictions and beliefs. 

Taurus may not prefer to respond always to the Cancerian’s over-emotional status. This may turn the Cancerian off. They may find lunacity in a Taurean during such times and may fade off if such violent emotional outbursts from a Cancerian are not dealt with successfully.

Additional Information On Cancer and Taurus Compatibility

How Compatible Are Earth v/s Water Sign?

Taurus and Cancer are very compatible, in fact, one of the best matches. The Taurus of Taurus and Cancer is perfectly at home with the domestic Cancer. A Taurean would have a nice feel of natural affection for a Cancerian. The emotional nature of both complements each other. They are hugely understanding of each other.

The Cancer of Taurus – Cancer is hugely reliable and at peace with their souls. But being highly cautious signs moving ahead in a relationship may not happen easily for either of them.

Fixed and Cardinal Signs – More Light on Cancer and Taurus Compatibility Traits

Fixed Earth sign like Taurus can grow their roots deep into the Earth. The Cardinal Water sign like Cancer of Taurus -Cancer combo is a hardcore initiator, they can initiate things like no one else.

The combination of Taurus – Cancer will give you a cozy, warm feeling. Both would share an incredible relationship with the children. They would love dogs in their family and the warmth of their hearth would spread far and wide.

Wrap Up

Beautiful, artistic, stubborn, headstrong, hedonistic and delayed decision-makers is what Taurus truly is by nature when it comes to the Taurus – Cancer couple. Moody, sentimental, temperamental, soft, caring, loving, insecure and strong initiators, is what defines a Cancer in a Taurus – Cancer duo.

When they both meet, the relationship can be a nourishing, deeply rooted, firm, and secure Taurus and Cancer compatibility builds up in this relationship. It would require the Crab to water the tough soil of the Taurus for the plant of their love to grow into a beautiful, mighty, shady tree for others.

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