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Cancer and Sagittarius

Cancer-Sagittarius duo is an ideal pair as per the Vedic astrology. How? Most importantly, why?

The Fire-Water couple, Cancer-Sag duo, are opposites to each other by nature. The smallest of all, Moon and the largest of all, Jupiter come together through both the zodiacs to create a mythical relationship. Cancer’s practicality pulls down Sagittarius’s adventurous nature.

Now comes the “why” part of the question.

The legend goes that Moon fell for Jupiter’s wife Tara (signifies the stars of the sky) and she bore a son to Moon. The son was called Mercury and legend says that he is still not friendly with Moon. Jupiter too was not very fond of the Moon God and hence when a Cancer-Sagittarius comes together, initially it is a problematic or tasseling situation.

But, later as Brihaspati/ Jupiter looked at the most intelligent being of Earth, Mercury; he decided to reconcile with the Moon God. Moon had provided freedom to Tara by not binding her to himself and so did Jupiter to Mercury. Thus, on the longer run, a Cancerian does very well with a Sagittarius, given both can understand the good in each other adjusting with the bad elements.

Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility Traits

Cancer-Sagittarius duo has several traits in common. At one point, Cancer is a cardinal sign and Sagittarius is a mutable sign. The planner is the crab and the transformer is the Sagittarius. Sometimes, they are capable of transforming it for better and at other times, they can completely destroy a project.

Traits Cancer Sagittarius
Moody ✔️
Harmonious ✔️
Shrewd ✔️
Calculative ✔️ ✔️
Friendly ✔️
Hard-core optimism ✔️
Emotional ✔️
Hard working ✔️ ✔️

Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius Love Life

Cancer-Sagittarius love is like Fire burning over a vast ocean. Cancer is the ocean and Sagittarius is the wild, untamed flare of Fire spread over the vast Ocean. If the Sagittarian Fire grows bigger, then love is more like a storm on Jupiter. If the water encircles more, the cool Cancer dominates over the love life when counting the Cancer-Sagittarius compatibility.

A Cancer in the Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility pair is looking for a house and wishes to settle down. It might be that a Cancer finds home in Sagittarius, who loves to wander from one place to another. Mostly in a Cancer-Sagittarius duo, the Sagittarius seeker would not believe in forming a Home but then the only thing that can bind a Sagittarius is true love. It could often be not known if the Sagittarius would make through the torrid temper of the Cancer.

The Cancerian temper rises when they cannot tame the Centaur. The Cancer may throw a violent fit of rage and in fear of being drowned in that tornado, the Sagittarius might move away, in fact, run away from the crabwise Crab.

A Sagittarius will never try to bind the Cancer and that too, can evoke the anger of the Cancer. Cancer may find it to be an act of disinterest in this Cancer-Sagittarius compatibility.

Cancer and Sagittarius Sentiments

Sentimentality knows no meaning for the detached Sagittarius. Mostly, a Sagittarius in this Cancer-Sagittarius duo does not believe in being sentimentally attached to any being, except the ones they consider close.

A crab however is sentimental towards every being and that is quite not acceptable for the Sagittarius. For a Sagittarius, it means that a Cancer in the Cancer-Sagittarius duo would welcome anybody in their inner circle.

Cancer is outside in, in the Cancer-Sagittarius duo. A Sagittarius is inside out in Cancer-Sagittarius duo.

Cancer and Sagittarius Intellect & Communication

Cancer-Sagittarius duo have an intellect driven by the Sagittarius. The Sagittarius being the ninth sign is bestowed with the wisdom of the nine realms. Though they may seem to be from the heart, they are actually very much from the mind. They would never take any decision just out of plain emotions. Rationally driven, they often are skeptical and logical souls. You cannot create any myth around Sagittarius.

The Crab tries in vain for some days but then stops once they come to know about the strengths of a Sagittarian mind. The Sagittarius are instinctive and well guided souls.

Often a Sagittarian in the Cancer-Sagittarius duo would comment about a topic far from their reach astonishing the whole population around them with their eccentricity.

Sagittarians are good at both communication and conversation, often hurting others by blurting out their blunt truth. A Cancer in this Cancer-Sagittarius duo finds a good companion in conversation and also finds the place where they begin playing a role in the independant Sag’s life- they tame the Sagittarian truth with softer words, thus moving the Sagis from the hurt zone.

Mostly a Sagittarius would not be aware, how many enemies they might have created behind them, due to their philosophical outlook and naive, blunt words. The Cancer of the Cancer-Sagittarius duo always makes sure to watch the back of the Sagittarius.

Cancer and Sagittarius Interest

The Crab is interested in having a home, Sagittarius is a curious flame that runs wild behind wisdom in this Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility. A nomad and a homely person together, can struggle awfully together to find common interests.

A Cancer in Cancer-Sagittarius compatibility is interested more in pearls, good homes, cool and candid moments. The more a Cancer decorates a home, a Sagittarian destroys it breaking a few things here and there.

There are however few interests that match- if a Sagittarius can offer a good vacation then the Crab would be more than happy in the Cancer-Sagittarius duo.

A Sagittarius is fond of new dishes, and a Cancer can please a Sagittarius by making something the Sagis like.

Sagittarius is a supportive soul, and is never into back biting. Sagittarius does not prefer internal turmoil and would be capable of relieving the painful chasms of a Cancerian heart with ease in the Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility.

Cancer and Sagittarius Trust 

A Sagittarius may never be sure of what they do. They just work on instincts. What seems good to them initially, often turns out to be good in some way that shows up in the world.

The Sagittarius is an honest speaker. They never prefer to lie and may often be quiet when truth is more dangerous than the silence, when truth can harm. It is this point that often a Cancer understands about the Sagittarian silence in the Cancer-Sagittarius compatibility.

The Cancer may wish the Sag brought home a bouquet, instead the Sag may come home with some marbles or worse still, pebbles at play when the Cancer-Sagittarius compatibility comes into the picture.

Trust is although a front they need to work on together. The Cancer knows the simplicity of a Sagittarius but then the Sagi may find the cranky Crab spooky.

Additional Information On Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility

How compatible are Water-Fire Sign?

The Water and Fire is well bounded in the Cancer-Sagittarius duo. Cancer is the healing waters to the Sagittarius only when they can catch the undying rationality of the Sagittarian mind when the Cancer-Sagittarius compatibility is to be considered.

The Sagittarian on the other hand, has to protect the crabwise crabs, they have to always put the Crabby babies on their back creating a safe haven for them.

As the crabs explore the world from a home, the Centaur gallops down the hills, mountains and deserts, in the Cancer and Sagittarius compatibility.

Cardinal Mutable Signs – More Light on Cancer and Sagittarius Compatibility Traits

Cancer-Sagittarius Compatibility rests on mutual respect. Sagittarius respects the mood swings of the Cancer and running high on patience they await for good times in the Cancer-Sagittarius duo.

A Sagittarius however needs to be not prodded since that is an unpredictable phase of a Sagittarian seeker. Cancer has to learn about the intricate functioning of the Sagittarian mind and soul in order to gain access into their truest lives.


A Sagittarius is not a good planner often and may just work from basic instincts. Cancer is however the pilot of this ship consisting of the Cancer-Sagittarius duo with the Sagittarius being the perfect navigator. That is how the Cardinal and the Mutable signs can bring peace in their relationship between the Cancer-Sagittarius compatibility.

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