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Cancer and Leo

The real predator and prey: Cancer-Leo pair, can they be together? Well, you may not think so, but it is true and the good news is,

They can be together.

The chirpy Crab and the loyal Lion in the Cancer-Leo duo can be friends and eventually fall in love. What Lions find attractive in a Crab in this Cancer-Leo pair is the desire and the ability shown by a Crab to make a home. A den is what a Lion requires.

The Cancer-Leo duo are neighbouring signs and there are karmic imbalances or debts that they share. The Cancer-Leo compatibility always has to look into each other, if they have come across there is a debt or an overdue to fulfill.

Children are a preference of the Crabs. Lions love to have an audience and who could be more appreciative of you than your children? 

Cancer and Leo Compatibility Traits

As for the Leos in the Cancer-Leo duo, this life is nothing less than a carnival, unlike the Cancer. 

Traits Cancer Leo
Moody ✔️
Proud ✔️
Majestic ✔️
Extravagant ✔️
Lavish ✔️
Shrewd ✔️
Lousy ✔️
Jolly ✔️
Emotional ✔️

Cancer and Leo Compatibility

Cancer and Leo Love Life

Cancer-Leo can together make a cute couple. Both are not ruled by planets. Leo is ruled by the Sun, basically a star. The Crab is ruled by the Moon, the only natural satellite of the Earth. Due to this reason, both can often come closer than one can actually imagine.

Cancer’s emotional need and Leo’s intrinsic needs in the Cancer-Leo duo if can fit perfectly well with each other. The Crab of the Cancer-Leo couple can be overwhelmed by Leo’s needs though Leo does not mind sharing a shoulder with the emotional Crab.

Quite sticky with intense mood swings, can however make the Leo consider these creatures as plainly tacky and clingy. This Cancer-Leo duo can make the Leos run away.

Before plunging into the waters Leos would not wait to think twice but a Crab of the Cancer-Leo duo would however, test the waters four times before plunging into it.

Cancer and Leo Sentiments

Cancer and Leo compatibility can go together can be sentimental and this can drive them far away. Sometimes such couples may not acknowledge at all in their life span. Cancer can make life stable and Leo can leap high to catch the Sun. But, in between lies the sentimental river filled with what not egos?

Pride, anger and jealousy comes from the Leos end. In a Cancer-Leo duo, the Cancer brings selfishness, attachments and hell a lot of bruises into it. The Lion roars to leap and the Cancer holds the Lion down to Earth.

This expenditure does not sit well with both. A Cancer-Leo duo is more optimistic whereas a Cancer is a pessimistic soul. This creates a rift since pessimism is often always right on this planet. This makes Leo insecure and jealous.

A Cancer in Cancer-Leo duo may not like “the always party like attitude” of the Leo at all. They might land up in a constant tiff due to this reason. The Crab may scratch at the Leo’s pride quite often than desired.

Cancer and Leo Intellect & Communication

The silent Crab and the vivacious Leo of the Cancer-Leo compatibility factor often may misunderstand each other’s way of communication. When a Leo of the Cancer-Leo duo jokes about the Crab, the Cancerian might take offence in what was said about them, grumpily snorting back.

A Leo of the Leo-Cancer pair would often look for genuine appreciation from their Crab partner. The Crab may not always bestow them with such blessings. Intellectuality arises in a Crab from their emotions. These creatures are high on emotions.

This can highlight two different creatures at the same time. An emotional and quiet crab in the Cancer-Leo duo is often not a good match to the volutious, talkative intellectuality of the Lion.

If the Lion learns to appreciate the quiet emotional side of the Crab in the Cancer-Leo duo, it would definitely feel appreciated and thus a bond may arise. If the Crab of the Cancer-Leo compatibility can learn to laugh at all the lame jokes of a Leo, or outdo them by one better, then they too can create warmth in the heart of a roaring Lion.

Cancer and Leo Interests

Cancer-Leo duo can work well with a Leo when water sports are in the picture. A Leo may not want to go bungee jumping but the Crab may not want to miss that alone time.

Cancer-Leo duo however may not feel good above a mountain and Leo may enjoy every bit of it. Forests are not what Cancers prefer. Leos are very volatile creatures and Cancers are immensely instinctive creatures. Both can match only when the Lion can show some sensitivity towards the Crab.

Cancer and Leo Trust

Cancer may find the Leo in the Cancer-Leo duo, a philandering soul. A Leo may find the Cancer downright boring.

Physical closeness between the two, to check the Cancer and Leo compatibility, can only develop from their emotional proximity.

Trust does not come easily unless there is some need to be together.

A Leo would call the Crab a leaking actor.”

A Crab may find Leo an exorbitant brag.”

This can cost the relationship since it would directly hit their trust factor when it comes to love.

Additional Information On Cancer and Leo Compatibility

How Compatible Are Fire-Water Sign?

Cancer-Leo pairs are not at all compatible. Water is a feminine sign. Fire is a mascuilne sign. Water is Yin and Fire is Yang energy.

Either the Water vaporises more, if Fire is huge within a Leo or the Fire is burnt down if the Water Force is more. Cancer-Leo duo are not ideal situations.

But, when the Fire and Water in the Cancer-Leo duo find that place where both can survive together there is no match like it.

Heavens bow down to such spiritual bindings since the Fire and Water are no different from each other. Their union gave rise to the Earth and the Air.

In the Cancer-Leo compatibility, the Water and Fire balance is worth the watch. Either it is in a deep ocean womb or it is up in a volcano, but the match brings changes to the nature of both slowly merging them into one whole Circle.

So, do they match on the inside?

Yes, the Water can guide and the Fire can act in the Cancer-Leo duo. 

Cardinal-Fixed Signs – More Light on Cancer and Leo Compatibility Traits

The Watery muddy Cancer and the luminated lousy Leos of the Cancer-Leo duo can often find heaven together. The balance between the two lies in the centre of Fire and Water.

Often when no one can separate out, one sacrifices for the other without the other noticing it. Leos in the Cancer-Leo duo can sacrifice as much as the Cancerian and they can find a common source to survive, mostly their children take over.

Their union can bring waves like never before. The souls are wholesome when that dot in the Yin-Yang circle is reached by both.

There is only one thing in the Cancer-Leo compatibility that you must take care in this match. It is that the Water has to keep in mind the way in which that particular Fire would like to be guided.

The Fire would have to keep in mind certain subtleties that particular Water would emanate for the match to be blessed by the Heavens.

Wrap Up

To wrap up we can say that they can be called the real Yin and Yang forces of Nature in the Cancer-Leo pair. Their natural differences keep them far apart but when they come together, the matches can survive all odds. They are the most heavenly and most winsome matches of the Universe.

On the surface their differences does not allow them to move inwards, deep into each other’s soul. But once the Cancer-Leo compatibility reaches a particular point, there would be no comparison, no match to par this one.

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