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Cancer and Capricorn

Cancer-Capricorn duo is the sweetest, naughtiest and cutest in their own way.

Definitely, the Earth and Water in the Cancer and Capricorn compatibility catches well together – reason? The couple can nourish each other. Water needs a soil to flow through, in its journey for fulfilling its destiny. The Earth needs the waters to be nourished wholesomely.

The Earth would not be habitable without the waters.

The crabwise attitude of a Cancerian is not quite a welcome song for the straightforward Capricorns and it takes a long time for the Capricorns to read their crabby minds- to know when a Crab would move in an otherwise direction when the Cancer-Capricorn duo is to be considered.

On the other hand, the Capricorn in the Cancer-Capricorn duo is a friendly soul to those who agree to its initiatives. Both are Cardinal signs and both initiate equally. It is often said the Capricorn personalities are the best planners in life since they know the Earth best.

Cancerian souls also plan equally big from where they are, but there is a difference between a Crab’s plan and a Capricorn’s plan. The Crab plans for himself and the Capricorn’s plan is a revolutionary idea often encircling the concept of the greater good even though it is not the concept of good for all in the Cancer-Capricorn compatibility circle.

Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility Traits

Cancer and Capricorn compatibility is possible since both complement each other equally and unanimously. They stand for each other, when required and this support helps their compatibility greatly.

Traits Cancer Capricorn
Moody ✔️ ✔️
Homely ✔️ ✔️
Delinquent ✔️ ✔️
Deliquescence ✔️ ✔️
Friendly ✔️
Revolutionary natured ✔️
Emotional ✔️
Hard working ✔️ ✔️

Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn Love Life

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Moon and Saturn unfortunately do not sit well together. Moon is not a hot favorite of Saturn as Saturn is not fond of Moon’s extravagance in the Cancer-Capricorn duo.

Saturn’s nature is to do deeds that benefit many souls. Moon’s nature is to do something that benefits your soul first and then the others. This does not sit well with Saturn in the Cancer-Capricorn compatibility factor.

In Capricorn’s company, the Cancerians often do well in terms of helping others. The business side of the Moon works well given the societal pressure. In Capricorn’s company the soft heart of the Moon truly vibrates with compassion in the Cancer-Capricorn duo.

Cancer and Capricorn Sentiments

Sentimentally the Cancer-Capricorn duo are tuned with one another, but even then both are sentimental. Cancer is sentimental and attached to every small thing they have in their Universe. A Cancer-Capricorn is sentimental towards a certain direction that runs in their veins, their vanity. A Capricorn is the Earth’s most favoured child and vanity easily seeps in, though controlled terribly by Saturn in almost all aspects.

One of the most powerful planets of the solar system, Saturn incurs heavy losses when not obeyed uniformly in the Cancer-Capricorn compatibility factor.

Cancer-Capricorn duo are often prone to depression, given their emotional desires remain unfulfilled in this realm. They try very hard, but they often fail terribly to create what they want to, since the greater good deprives 49% of the individuals promoting the other 51%.

Attached, moody, insecure, the Cancers in the Cancer-Capricorn duo suffers from innate inferiority complexes and can be lethal enemies. Capricorn on the other hand, would be vain, attention loving, complicated beings suffering from superiority complexes always.

Both have to adjust to each other and their nuances.

Cancer and Capricorn Intellect & Communication

Intellectually Capricorn’s are stronger and understand the grey matter more without complicating it with the emotions. Cancer-Capricorn duo on the other hand complicate everything by feeling bad about them, crying over every small thing. They take things to their heart very quickly.

A Cancer-Capricorn duo deals with their intelligence in a mild and smooth emotional manner. They are strongly guided by what they feel about a thing. They see things the way they feel it. A Capricorn in the Cancer-Capricorn compatibility is quite quirky in this aspect and sees things in a manner that suits their taste at that particular time.

If the Capricorn in the Cancer-Capricorn compatibility is feeling from the heart, they would think that way but if they are from the mind, they are thinking from the mind. They are sometimes realistic also and do things maintaining their real self.

The communication between two people is always good with a Capricorn in the Cancer-Capricorn duo. The Capricorn unlike the Aquarius does not use word nets to catch people. The Capricorns often believe in being straight with their ideas and plans, often are straightforward.

Cancer is a silent creature, believes in silence like their Pisces counterpart. They however would always welcome a good conversation with people and are very good in one on one conversations in the Cancer-Capricorn duo.

Cancer and Capricorn Interest

Cancer-Capricorn have similar interests when it comes to home making. They both love the idea of having a home. Though dreaming about a home is more in the Cancer, making a home come true is the Capricorn’s job often.

The Capricorn too loves lazing around. Cancer loves loitering aimlessly. They are both sportily stylish in nature.

There is a peculiar interest they share- shoes. Both the Cancerian-Capricorn duo love to wear shoes and buying shoes is almost always an obsession for both. Capricorn loves mingling and jingling in parties and the Cancer likes throwing a party for others when measuring the Cancer-Capricorn compatibility ratio.

Additional Information On Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

How compatible are Water-Earth Sign?

Water signs are very effective in being calm modulators. The Earth signs on the other hand, are the avid modulators of the species in the Cancer-Capricorn duo.

The Water can flow through any place and it is known for being a persistent force when it comes to removal of obstruction from its path. The Earth signs however, are known famously for creating blocks. Crabs do become a powerful obstacle remover and the Cancer-Capricorn duo becomes a powerful obstructor often in this relationship.

A Capricorn often cannot gather enough strength to counter a problem, thus creating more problems for others in the process. The multiplying problems create a wall behind which they hide unless drawn upon by someone who acts as a catalyst in the Cancer-Capricorn duo.

Once Cancer shows that the problems can be cleared from the path or deferred, then Capris begin their work with renewed strength and their brilliance comes into action when the Cancer-Capricorn compatibility is to be considered.

Cardinal & Cardinal Signs – More Light on Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility Traits

Cardinal signs together whether water-earth or any other can be a sharp contrast in the Cancer-Capricorn duo. They all have differences in how they work and what they work for, so together they can oppose each other’s thought process. One may find one thing good, others may find another thing good. The wars can happen between them, it’s not something within their control in the Cancer and Capricorn compatibility.

However, the wars maybe intermittent in the Cancer-Capricorn duo and resolutions might be quicker than you think.


To make an easy wrap up, we can say that the pair would go well, as long as both parties respect each other’s needs. Once they know that the Cancer is building, to be profitable to oneself, a Capricorn can see if they can add their dimension of greater good to it in this Cancer-Capricorn duo.

On the other hand, if a Capricorn makes a plan, with greater good in picture, the Cancer can add his or her goals of gain into it making it an expanded project when considering peeping into the Cancer-Capricorn compatibility.

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