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Cancer and Cancer

To have Cancer – Cancer duo together means there is no emotional turbulence between the couple. Emotionally both would be balanced, more understanding of each other needs. But, is it a good thing to be with another Cancer in the same shell? Well, let’s find out. The joke goes famously, what does a Cancer – Cancer duo do with each other?

The answer is they dig the sand together to hide the U-haul truck beneath. Precious Cancer and Cancer compatibility runs on the fact that the duo together would dream of having a home as cozy and comfy as a sea shell since the very first date. They would like to have everything in their home, every food, every luxury a person can think of, would be there with a Crab. Do they ever wish to go out? Nope. But the fact that the Cancer and Cancer compatibility is really based on their love for the waters. 

It is not a myth at all.

Once the Cancer – Cancer duos practical mind is sufficiently hoarded with all the pristine presents, they might then pop their heads out. Their holiday is always a home away from home where they savor and cherish the mystical water bodies. Being the Cardinal Water Sign, the Cancer – Cancer couple might prefer to be surfing, cruising, swimming or skiing.

Unlike a Scorpion and Pisces who prefer snorkeling, underwater hockey, and kayaking, the Pisces, on the other hand, is the greatest sea divers of all times, they love scuba diving and river rafting to the core.

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility Traits

Cancer and Cancer compatibility have great compatibility with each other. Except for their mood swings, everything else might match between two Cancers. Sometimes the Cancer – Cancer signs might also differ in how they move forward in life. 

Upon looking closely, you might find they have a different outlook than the other half. They always have one eye on money and another one in their homes.

Traits Cancer Cancer
Moody ✔️
Prone to mood swings ✔️
Shrewd ✔️ ✔️
Money minded ✔️ ✔️
Logical ✔️ ✔️
Emotional ✔️

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

Cancer and Cancer Love Life

Cancer and Cancer Love Life may not bloom right, given Mars is exalted in Taurus and Mars is always a necessity to have an extremely satisfying physical love. Cancer and Cancer compatibility may not experience enough physical closeness between each other given the Mars would be built in the same manner. Once Cancer – Cancer duo knows they are bodily appreciated, they can be completely mute lovers. 

Cancer and Cancer compatibility shows up when both experience an emotional high. The drug that runs their love life from time to time is their own world of emotions. These Crabs are instinctive creatures and can believe in being completely mute in each other’s company, yet very much in love. 

You can call it an emotional love, the kind that pushes them to their high yet there is no physicality between the two. Emotion-based coitus is possible only with a few signs, one being the Crabs. The orgasm of such a kind between a Cancer-Cancer pair is beyond the understanding of many other signs. They are majorly driven by emotions.

The physical self comes next to these Creatures. They look at one side and skitter towards the other end, that is how they are built. Cancer and Cancer compatibility may often be doubted as less intelligent beings due to the presence of over exemplary emotions. This is definitely a different form of Love very few can achieve on the inside.

Cancer and Cancer Sentiments

Cancer and Cancer compatibility is one of the most beautiful when it comes to consideration of sentiments. One water flows into another very smoothly and there is nothing one can do about it. Waters merge the river into the sea often.

Cancer and Cancer compatibility is based on the understanding that they have for each other, often perfect, the silence, the soft gestures of one to the other. There are no words required to solve their life and problems. 

A cup of coffee in the morning when both do not need to speak to each other, mildly smiling at each other is the optimum they can reach. Winking at each other, amazing chemistry is present, between them.

Cancer and Cancer – Intellect & Communication

Cancer – Cancer duo, is never a communicative pair. Days of silence and calm are what they crave on a holiday. Except for some necessities, they prefer to be quiet and calm. Cancer and Cancer compatibility is a very soft collaboration. Their hard shell hides their soft inner built, but one Crab can see the other well.

Intellectuality is very different for Cancer. A Crab does not believe in too much gray matter on the surface and prefers being shrewd on the inside. Though intellect is quite strong and they are sharp, shrewd, cautious and calculative. But Cancer – Cancer compatibility would not want to show any of it on the outside. 

Cancer – Cancer people are slow and glide through the crowd up, slowly making their way into the world they desire being apart. Hard work is equanimous to intelligent work for them and can never mean muscle work. Communication is not the Cancer – Cancer duo’s forte, thus they are often fussy and attentive drivers. 

Attention-grabbing is an easy way to make ends meet when it comes to a soft mute Cancerian.

Cancer and Cancer Interests

Cancer – Cancer couple is mostly interested in making a home. They are often interested in having children. They are doted parents. They can be extremely protective when it comes to caring about their children.

A Cancer – Cancer duo is interested in artworks, in seas and rivers. Often, if possible, a Crab would like to have a home beside a flowing rivulet. They are sometimes quite sporty, they love to dress sportily. They are not avid shoppers but they believe in shopping little by little. 

They are quite creative when it comes to home decor. Cancer – Cancer duo loves reading romantic books and often loves watching movies. In Cancer – Cancer compatibility, the duo love to just gaze at nothing, they love sunbathing, and love rides and gondolas.

Cancer and Cancer Trust

Cancer knows the subtle malleability of another Cancerian heart. The souls are soft, and the silence subdues everything. Cancer – Cancer duo has no problem trusting each other from the moment they set their eyes on the other.

Whether flirting or cheating one another, their trust rises from the fact that they know each other’s craving and that brings them together.

Additional Information On Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

How Compatible Are Water – Water Sign?

Water Signs are extremely compatible with each other. The first preference of a Water sign should be another Water sign. The Cancer – Cancer duo is emotionally from the same land and their spirits understand emotion like no other. They are subtle and strong when the inner emotions are in play. 

They know the best, how to thus play with other’s emotions and if provoked they can become one of their kinds in manipulating others.

There are three levels of emotions-

  1. The Friendly Level
  2. The Relation Level.
  3. The level where emotions merge with the Spirit.

Cancer – Cancer compatibility works at the first level and any sort of turmoil in their lives is due to the manipulation of stuff at this level. Only a Water can see the others do it. Thus they are invaluable to each other partnering with each other in love and crimes.

Cardinal – Cardinal Signs – More Light on Cancer and Cancer Compatibility Traits

Cancer – Cancer signs are very sensitive creatures. Cancer – Cancer signs are extremely sensitive. On one hand, it makes them loyal and on the other hand, it makes them dangerous. 

Cancer and Cancer compatibility rests on the fact that they can be easily wounded. Those who know how to fester on wounds can turn them into fanatics, vengeful souls, moody, nosey and clingy beings.

Wrap up

Basically their loyalty and honesty can be abused by others due to their inner sensitivity, often beyond their control. Thus, they should be careful and cautious while treading the paths of life together. 

Cancer and Cancer compatibility cannot flourish if they both cannot defend each other. Their weakness lies in being from the same tribe. The Cancer – Cancer pair would otherwise do extremely well together.

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