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Cancer and Aquarius

Cancer and Aquarius pair is an Earth-Air combination. Cancer in the Cancer-Aquarius duo is emotionally brimming and bright. Aquarius is absolutely dry and cakey compared to the Cancerian when measuring the Cancer-Aquarius compatibility

Cancerian is like, “You give me business and I will gratify your needs immensely if I am satisfied with your work.”

Aquarius on the other hand is like, “You give me whatever you want, I won’t give you anything I don’t want to give.”

Attitudes differ as you may see. 

The way the Cancerian-Aquarius duo attaches to each other is also different. Though the Aquarius is not engrossed in the “me,” it may try to adjust by adding a “we,” to the union thus balancing the “me” trait in the Cancerian to the core.

The Cancerian-Aquarius compatibility is not at all, one of the favourable combinations. 

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility Traits

A Cancer of the Cancer-Aquarius pair needs affections, suffers from torrid mood swings. The Cancer partner’s mood swings are world famous- they can be seemingly angelic in one month and demonic in the other month.

An Aquarian however is a constant combination and often can get bored of such fluctuations. The Aquarius doubts such a switch in the Cancer and in order to know better, might travel closer to a Cancer in the Cancer-Aquarius duo.

However, the Aquarius in the Cancer and Aquarius compatibility will be distant emotionally and would take the first flight home after solving the turbulence and casting the Cancer guilty of treason and trespass.

Let’s see how they match or differ?

Traits Cancer Aquarius
Moody ✔️
Homely ✔️
Delinquent ✔️ ✔️
Social ✔️
Friendly ✔️
Revolutionary thinker ✔️
Emotional ✔️
Curious ✔️

Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius Love Life

Cancer-Aquarius duo has beautiful dreams, dreams of home making and children.

Aquarius has revolutionary ideas that grow in them until they explode to encircle the whole world- Cancer must gather and shrink to live and Aquarius must expand to live in the Cancer-Aquarius compatibility.

In this process of life, there would be a major tiff between the Cancer-Aquarius duo.

In order to find a centre point, both must sacrifice a little- a Cancer-Aquarius pair must hold the Aquarius’s hand when the sign tries to expand and the Aquarius must hold the Cancer’s hands when the sign tries to contract while gathering richess for their life.

With an Aquarius, romantic love that a Cancer desires maybe an unfulfilled dream in the Cancer-Aquarius duo.

Aquarius loves to consider everything intellectually, wants to expand, help others and be with others in the process. Mostly due to an expanded circle, the Aquarius would be busy with others while the Cancer waits in the by-lanes fuming within, for attention in this Cancer and Aquarian compatibility.

Depriving each other of their basic needs would not help the the Cancer-Aquarius pair however, lifting themselves up can definitely help. How does a Cancer-Aquarius duo do that?

An Aquarius would be happy if the Cancer attends all the social events walking beside them further strengthening the Cancer-Aquarius compatibility.

Time management and time division should be a matter of special attention if the Aquarius has to accomodate a Cancerian.

Cancer and Aquarius Sentiments

The Crab may appear like an emotional bluff to an Aquarian in the initial few days of pairing in the Cancer-Aquarius compatibility zone.

There are several sentimental zones for a Cancer- jealousy, mood swings, attachments, often a crabby, doubtful nature being ruled by Moon can make the Aquarian go crazy. The Cancer in the Cancer-Aquarius duo might also suffer from inferiority or superiority complex.

An Aquarius suffers from a few very pronounced sentiments- they hate being criticised, judged, and is not comfortable being distrusted though they do not trust others easily. Being ruled by Uranus and Saturn, their nature flips. The flip is between their need to balance the society and a darker realm where death is the punishment for deeds they do not prefer.

They suffer from a deep insecurity and hates when they feel misunderstood. The Aquarius is often not at peace when ignored or neglected in the Cancer-Aquarius duo.

“Noone understands me.” is an Aquarian trait.

They would see slight deviation of nature in others doubtfully. However, you would be criticised if you doubt them while they deviate. It is always, “My way or no way,” for them sadly.

Cancer is more into, “Noone loves me.” Fear grips them since these souls do not want to die alone.

All of these factors would harm this Cancer-Aquarius relationship immensely.

“A stitch in time saves nine.” Knowing that they are different from each other, the Cancer-Aquarius duo must take proper preventive measures before it becomes too bad for them.

Cancer and Aquarius Intellect and Communication

A Cancer can approach intellect through their emotions and an Aquarian can approach emotions through their intellect in the Cancer-Aquarius duo of the Cancer-Aquarius compatibility. Both work on reverse gears in communication.

An Aquarian talks to know. The Aquarian cannot converse very well and is not fond of very deep matters of the world. A Cancer on the other hand, is a conversationalist very unlike an Aquarian in the Cancer-Aquarian duo. 

Cancer and Aquarius Interest

Nothing disinterests an Aquarian and nothing interests a Cancer more than the elaborative talks around the making of a home in the Cancer-Aquarius duo. Both the Cancer-Aquarius duo prefer to live by their rules.

Cancer-Aquarius compatibility is on shaky grounds since the Cancer is only interested in acquiring a secure place for all. For an Aquarius in this Cancer-Aquarius duo, that is not the case, since an Aquarius mostly lives for their friends. Friends are their life line who bring them fresh mental stimulations, views, news, and much more.

Cancer and Aquarius Trust

Cancer is not much into trusting an Aquarius. In the Cancer-Aquarius duo, Cancer is the most emotional Zodiac sign and Aquarius is the sign mostly from the mind. Cancer-Aquarius duo need to work very hard on their trust zones, since the decisions of an Aquarian may seem heartless for a Cancerian. 

For an Aquarian, it may seem to be too unbearably sticky and moist. It may thus seem to be very annoying or uncomfortable for both while they try to adjust. But, if they go down very nicely with each other, then it may work after the long haul.

Additional Information On Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility

How compatible are Water-Air Sign?

Water Sign of Cancer is a Cardinal sign and Air Sign of Aquarius is a Fixed SIgn of the Cancer-Aquarius duo. One thing which matches in them is this fact in the Cancer-Aquarius duo. Being a Cardinal sign, if Cancer makes a rule, keeping each other’s interest in view, the Aquarius would be pretty happy to follow in the Cancer and Aquarius compatibility.

Water and Air do well together many a time in the Cancer-Aquarius duo. Thus, they both might tick well in the Cancer-Aquarius compatibility.

Cancer-Aquarius duo travels a long way if quirkiness is more or less in the pair. If this property is imbalanced then they might have trouble adjusting to the other.

Cardinal – Fixed Signs – More Light on Cancer and Aquarius Compatibility Traits

Cancer-Aquarius pair can do very well together if the Cancer can make the rules in the family and the Aquarius can follow these rules. Aquarius can make life easier and give a lot of breathing space to the Cancer. Cancer on the other hand, can make life comfortable for Aquarius.

A Cancer makes the Aquarius more moist and emotional. On the other hand, Aquarius in the Cancer-Aquarius duo pumps more oxygen into the Cancer thus creating breathing space. The Cancer in this duo can find freedom with the Aquarius and would thus enjoy the space immensely.

Wrap up

To wrap up, we can say that a Cancer and Aquarius compatibility would do well together if the Aquarius plays the part of Air in the Cancer’s life and if Cancer can remember to moisten the Aquarius everytime, they come up to them this pair would never settle for anyone else.

The Cancer in the Cancer-Aquarius duo need to feel free when taking decisions about a secure life, about the home and about who should enter their homes and who must not. Once an Aquarius can live up to these, it would not be a tough stuff for the Aquarius in maintaining the Cancer-Aquarius compatibility.

On the other hand, an Aquarius in the Cancer-Aquarius duo needs to feel treasured and prefer not being judged for their petty actions in the company of the Cancer.

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