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Aries and Aries

Aries v/s Aries is never boring. They burn themselves brightly and crash in cosmic chaos.
But how compatible are two Ram when they collide together? Do fire v/s fire blows more heat or has the ability to calm each other?
Stay on this page to find all your answers.

Aries and Aries Compatibility Traits

Let us begin by reviewing the traits of Aries and Aries. The chart below will help you to view a rapport between them.

Traits Aries Aries
Communication ✔️ ✔️
Trust and Dependency ✔️ ✔️
Love and Intimacy ✔️ ✔️
Emotional connection ✔️ ✔️
Shared Values ✔️ ✔️

Aries and Aries Compatibility

Love Life of Aries and Aries

Aries are the most passionate love birds. These duo withstand the compromising attitude which makes their bonding challenging, yet interesting. Aries man and Aries woman ought to adopt the selfless approach to move further in relationship. Although, Aries and Aries personalities will not encounter an issue with the hypocrisy, but their aggression results in quick conclusions.They will have an electrifying relationship. They will attract each other’s ambitions and releases new energy. Aries’s love life is based on loyalty and devotion.

As Aries is ruled by Mars they may lack satisfying interpersonal kinship and indulge in the fight. Aries partners encounter problems due to their selfish nature. Initially, everything around them will be explosive, but when their honeymoon period comes to an end, fire inside them gets extinguish soon.

Aries temperament are as hot as fire, so when they set off an inferno, their arguments are also vulnerable.According to their nature, both partners should play safe and take care of each other’s individuality and self esteem. They must think before speaking and use appropriate language which in turn helps to ignite the fire inside their hearts.

Highly energetic Aries are hyper-alert and hardly find time to sleep. The Aries-Aries compatibility of love and relationship is an equilibrium of passion and solitude at the same time.

Aries and Aries Sentiments

Fire Aries are impatience and less sentimental. As per their qualities, they are warm and passionate, so it’s a bit difficult to recognize their softer side. This duo also carry a masculine and soldier-like nature. Undoubtedly, Aries man and Aries woman can better understand each other emotionally as they speak and hear the same language of sentiments.

On the other side, Sun is exalted in Aries, which is cozy for their balanced relationship. If one Sun collides with the other, imagine the damage it can cause to Aries-Aries compatibility. When a star rules this sign, it is more convenient to set the emotions with such a partner who is ruled by another planet.

Self-centeredness and shallowness make Aries rude, and its counterpart who carries the same emotions makes their life tough for one another on emotional grounds. These duo are assertive, forthright, and blunt and these attributes are enough to hurt someone profoundly where the wounded could never come back to Aries. 

Although sentimental relationship is possible, it can result in adverse circumstances and makes it difficult for the Aries man and Aries woman to remain strong, independent, and true to their self-worth.

Aries and Aries Intellect and Communication

The combination of Aries v/s Aries is extremely intelligent, yet the duo will bang their heads against a wall. The reason behind this is that they have some strange rigidity in their nature that makes things sometimes stupid. 

Interaction between Aries man and Aries woman are open and they make sure that they are heard and their opinions carry some value. While talking, they do not hesitate to raise their pitch tone and always tries to prove themselves to others. 

Mars – the ruler of this sign is a planet of aggression. During the healthy discussion, they ensure they are being heard and contribute valid points, but they hardly keep calm. If you talk about any previous discussion amongst the duo, you may find that invalid, yet if that you remind them about that interaction, their hidden aggression may erupt like a volcano.

The good side of Aries – Aries personalities is that their focus does not vary much as the Sun is in their position, which signifies the awareness and cautiousness. Yet, it is challenging for the duo to find peace while interacting unless they are on the same ground or share the same opinions.

Few traits of Aries duo makes them exceptional like they grow independently and take life optimistically, ‘keep it real’ mantra boosts their relationship and are super ambitious. Their analytical abilities are appreciable and work well for their careers and jobs. They are more of givers rather than takers. 

Aries are known as honest creatures, so when two Aries sincere thoughts collide, they create wonders. And with their skills of communication, they excel in speculative or speaker’s job.

Aries and Aries Interest

Their ruling planet Mars signifies activeness, and thus Aries duo is capable of sharing a similar interest in almost everything, say it be walking, getting physical to mountaineering, etc. 

Their energy and potential are on the same level that makes them enjoy each other’s company.

Aries straightforward and clear attitude provides a room to understand each other perfectly. They are fighters for justice, and they seek truth, honor, and respect in their partner and expect to carry forever.

Aries and Aries compatibility share their interests in activities like rock climbing, horse riding, video war games, chess, football, jogging, and even gardening. This combo even is good at reporting and satirical writing as they speak their minds. Recreation activities are like a source of delight for them – gambling. 

Aries and Aries Trust

Truth is the main characteristic that Aries are born with. They defend and rise on their toe to prove the truth. What if both partners collide with the same attributes? And more importantly, what if they aren’t trustworthy? 

Well, two Aries share trust at the par level, and this makes a great combo. Trust is to open up and share things straight from the shoulder. Many Aries lacks partner’s love and support because of their impulsive nature, and that maybe one of the causes their relationship didn’t last long.

However, when Aries are in a serious relationship with another Aries, their fear of  desertion gets triggered, and thus they may not feel hesitant in dumping their partner. Trust factor works well when their bond is durable and it lasts longer. Here, it is essential for both partners to be damn serious when they wish to move forward.

Let’s glance at a few additional information on Aries sign.

Additional Information On Aries and Aries Compatibility:

How Compatible Are Fire and Fire Sign?

Aries has a Fire element. It is referred as a volcano of relationships. Aries – Aries compatibility is like alliance built on fire, fuelled by fire and ultimately, potentially destroyed by fire. 

Mars is a warrior planet and was the Roman God of war. The duo are courageous, pioneering, and brave. Their compatibility depends upon a partner who lets Aries lead.

Cardinal Signs – More Light on Aries Traits

Cardinal zodiac initiates a change of temperate zone – especially when the Sun makes its annual passage into them.

These signs are also referred to as reacting signs, which represent personalities who are insightful, ambitious, and active and are more conservative and traditional than others. Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn are those zodiac signs that fall under cardinal qualities.

Wrap Up

Two Aries duo governed by Mars are more likely to lock horns in combat. Each of them stakes out a personal territory, a turf where their individuality is asserted and demands unconditional revere.

Aries and Aries compatibility together trigger much fire! Their love relationship is fiery, impatience, and impulsive. It sails smoothly with full of sparks, and yes, rigidity and aggression can burst their relationship into flames.

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