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What Makes You Happy Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

What is your idea of happiness
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Let's go for a movie? Or shall I plan camping in the mountains? Or maybe shopping will increase the euphoria! Which of these will make you happy? Well, the option you will pick may indirectly relate to Read More

15 Bizarre Wedding Rituals Across The World

The Most Bizarre wedding rituals around the world
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Are you ready to beat the groom before his wedding? Or Will you enjoy breaking the porcelain plates for newlyweds? Seems amusing right? All this may sound insane to you, but all this is a part of weird Read More

Astrological Events In 2019 And How They Can Influence Our Life

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Every new beginning is a unique opportunity. If we plan and execute wisely, every year may bring us close to the success of our life missions. 2019 too, holds immense possibilities. The Universe also plans Read More

Perfect Color For Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign

Know Your Home’s Color As Per Your Zodiac
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""Home is where the heart is""-indeed expressed rightly by someone! Our home reflects our taste, preferences, and personality. It is a mirror of who we are. When it comes to creating our own space, it Read More

What Is Your Fashion Personality As Per Your Zodiac Sign

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Your zodiac sign is a mirror of your inner world. Each sign has particular traits and characteristics, which define the unique personality of the individuals belonging to that Zodiac sign. We live in Gucci, Read More

Birthstone Guide As Per Birthday Month

Know Your Lucky Gemstone As Per Your Birthday Month
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The very idea of ​​precious stones according to the date of birth of a person originates from ancient times when the Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Indians and Persians appropriated different stones according Read More

Importance of Houses in Astrology & Significance for Life

Discover How Houses In Astrology Influence Your Life
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When in life, we feel like we are experiencing sudden jerks, it is time we must seek help from ancient practices like Astrology Reading. There are 12 zodiac signs that are considered important in an astrological Read More

Last Minute Friendship Day Gift Ideas For Each Zodiac

Friendship Day Gift Ideas For Each Zodiac
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F.R.I.E.N.D.S. This is not just a word, it's a feeling, right? So how about making that feeling over the top by giving your best friend the gift as per the zodiac signs? Sounds thrilling, right? So yeah, Read More

Know Your Tarot Cards According To Your Zodiac Sign

Which Tarot Card are you as per your Zodiac
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Do you know there is a tarot card for each zodiac sign? And what tarot cards represents which zodiac signs? Your zodiac sign is the true reflection of your personality that defines your traits, skills, Read More

Why Love Compatibility is Important According to Astrology?

Find someone to love with Astrology and Love Compatibility
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Falling in love is easy, it's staying in love that is the most difficult part in a relationship. A love compatibility test in astrology can really help you gain confidence in your relationship and take Read More

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